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Solar Water Heating

South Africa is blessed with perfect climate to obtaining energy from sunlight throughout the year.
Solar Water Heaters collects the heat from the sun, generate it through the solar collector with the heat transferred through the collector (or panel) and store it in the water vessel or tank. Hot water from the tank can then be used for various applications whenever needed. A Solar Water Geyser works on the basis that cold water is heavier than hot water. As water builds up heat and gets warmer the molecules are moving quicker and have less weight than cold water.

A Solar Water Geyser works on the basis that cold water is heavier than hot water. As water builds up heat and gets warmer the molecules are moving quicker and have less weight than cold water.

The biggest myth is that, if you have a Solar Water Geyser, you will only have hot water if the sun is shining. Fact is that you will have hot water whenever you want and need it. Water gets heated due to diffused radiation available in the atmosphere, but when it is raining or at night, when the sun is not shining at all, your high pressure solar water geyser can be switched to electricity to heat your water to the temperature you want or need.



Your geyser or hot water cylinder is the most energy intensive appliance in your home – and the most expensive to run. The good news is that solar geysers can replace up to 60 – 80% of the electricity used to heat water, making solar water heating one of the first steps you need to consider in energy and cost savings. It provides the best return on investment in comparison with other renewable energy saving or generating technology.

Therefore, during any energy savings project, Winelands Solar will advise their clients to either convert the existing electric geyser to solar or install a solar geyser as step no 1 to any solar energy solution.

You start saving immediately – up to 60 – 80% of the electricity to heat water and 40% of your electricity bill (depending on the household).A Solar Water Geyser pays itself off within 2 – 3 years without a doubt.


To understand the extent of the saving of a Solar Water Geyser, it is important to know how the financial equation is calculated. The formula is to take the volume of water to be heated, the “temperature differential” (minimum and maximum temperature of the water) and the amount of power to heat the volume by the temperature differential.

Look at the SESSA website to understand the calculation (http://sessa.org.za/solar-water-heating/solar-water-heating-basics).


A Solar Water Heating Appliance will add thousands to the value of your home. A solar water geyser or Heat pump is the only appliances in your home that can really save you money and the savings will blow your mind.

A Solar Water Geyser is an investment and therefore you need to make sure that you partner with a Solar Company who insists on value but do not compromise on quality.

When shopping for a solar geyser, make sure you talk to suppliers who know the pros and cons of the specific brand, model and type. Some imported solar geysers may seem cheaper, until there is a malfunction and you have nowhere to send it back to. Rather invest in a well-known and trusted brand and use a registered company (and make sure the company is a member of Sessa)




  • Winelands Solar is a registered company and based in Stellenbosch. We partnered with industry leaders such as Tasol and Sunscan. We make use of a wide range of solar geysers and collectors which makes it possible to suit all clients’ needs.
  • The Tasol brand is in the solar business since 2003 with a broad network of franchises throughout the country. Winelands Solar is proud to be a part of the Tasol family to ensure quality products with reliable guarantees (10 years)
  • Sunscan products are high quality products and have a distribution network in the Western Cape.
  • The Winelands Solar Team is in the solar business because we have a passion for what we do, we are serious about a clean, sustainable environment and we love the accomplishment of responsibility.
  • Winelands Solar manage, supply and fit solar geysers, geyser control systems, photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and heat pumps to the Winelands area, including Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Strand, Paarl, Durbanville and Cape Town in the Western Cape. We bring energy cost savings and carbon footprint friendly reduced CO2 emissions to our customers through our solar electricity solutions.
  • Winelands Solar is a Class 1 Member of Sessa
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  • All products are SABS approved and installations conform to SANS 1307 & SANS 151
  • Our partners (Tasol and Sunscan) only use quality products with 5 – 10 year warranties
  • We believe in uncompromising quality – we deliver outstanding workmanship and value for money to our clients.
  • We are committed to reduced carbon emissions
  • We have successfully managed more than 400 solar water heating and solar energy solutions in the Western Cape during the last 2 years, including Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Franschhoek, Paarl and the rest of the Winelands area, including the rest of the Western Cape.
  • The training of our staff is a priority and we constantly enrol them on courses to make sure they keep up with the latest equipment and solar energy solutions.
  • We facilitate financing through our strategic partnership with Greenfin Financial Services (http://greenfin.co.za), giving you access to financial solutions that assist you with the capital outlay associated with acquiring your solar energy solutions.
  • We understand that a solar heating installation represents a significant investment. We are committed to ensuring that the resultant return on your investment justifies the important and significant decision.
  • We are a preferred installer for various Solar Energy Partners.

A Solar Water Heating system will not just benefit your pocket, but it will also be a victory for our environment. Our clients are responsible individuals motivated by the idea of independence and environmental responsibility.

A Solar Water Geyser secures your independence from Eskom and fixes your electricity bill for decades to come.

Using the free energy potential of the African sun is smart and a very clever choice.

The average household can reduce its CO2 emissions by as much as 20% by installing a Winelands Solar Geyser, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment at the same time






All Solar water heaters do the same thing. They gather the heat from the sun through the solar collector and transfer that heat to the water which is then stored in a vessel (the geyser or tank). It is thus the conversion of sunlight into renewable energy for water heating, using a solar thermal collector.


The levels of efficiency are determined by quality and size of the collector. Winelands Solar only uses high quality collectors through our partners.


The solar collector is a flat plate collector or an evacuated tube collector.

The choice between a flat plate and an evacuated tube is based on the graduation and direction of your roof. An evacuated tube system performs better than a flat plate collector. On a roof which faces west or east, an evacuated tube system will perform better than flat plates and therefore the recommended option by the Winelands Solar Team. However, some clients want the look of a flat plate better.


We suggest an evacuated tube system if your roof’s orientation is more than 45˚ off North (to either West or East)